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Alpacas for sale


Alpacas are ideal for lifestyle blocks and farms alike; if you can keep sheep then you can keep alpaca.

You’ll need a paddock with fencing that is suitable for sheep, and a small pen for handling and alpaca maintenance. Roofed shelter is preferable but not essential, as long as the alpacas have a reasonably sheltered area they can hunker down in.

Like sheep, alpacas eat grass, but we also supplementary feed ours. The quantity varies depending on time of year and the amount of grass available, but this gives us the opportunity to make sure they get the nutrients they need that are not always present in the land, and it keeps them ultra-friendly.

We shear our alpacas once a year. There are a number of alpaca shearers around. Shearing is a good time to get other alpaca maintenance done too, like toenail trimming, injections etc.

If you’re starting out, there are a number of questions to ask yourself.

1. How much land do I have? (you can keep approximately 5 alpacas on half a hectare – but it does depend on the quality of your land)

2. Is it suitably fenced, and is there a pen? (fencing and a pen that is suitable for sheep is fine – but no electric fences)

3. Am I around enough? (we check on our alpacas once a day, and supplementary feed at least every other day. It is not enough to be there at the weekends, unless you can get a friendly neighbour to help out)

4. What do I want from my alpacas? Are they pets, or am I looking at a longer-term breeding plan? Do I want to take them to shows? (it’s a good social life!) Can I use their fleece? Or what else? (talk to us about your requirements)

If you’re after pets, then a small number of non-breeding alpacas are the way to go. Alpacas must be kept with others, so you’ll need at least two, but preferably three or more. Boys that are not being used for stud purposes are ideal (and usually reasonably priced). They can be wethered, if required, at about 18 months old (although this isn’t always necessary). Or a small herd of non-breeding girls can work well too.

If you have enough space to expand your herd then you might be interested in some breeding girls. These are more expensive, but there is nothing quite like seeing cria from your own herd. Price can vary, depending on the quality of the female, and whether she is bought already pregnant or empty.

One way to start your herd economically is to purchase average females then put them to a good quality stud; the cria produced will be a step change better than their dams (this is how we started).

And talking about studs – unless you are an experienced alpaca owner with a reasonably large herd, I would not buy and keep one. It is unfair on the whole herd to keep an entire male in the same herd as the females long term. Instead, talk to an established alpaca stud about using one of their stud boys. Or purchase a part share in one that is based at another farm. Prices for stud fees and part ownership will vary, depending on the quality of the stud.



Pet Boys

We have a number of pet boys, of various ages, available. Most have paddock buddies, so we will try and keep them together if possible. Prices range from $300 to $800, depending on the age and quality of the boy. Some are halter trained.

If a boy is sold as a pet, but is later certified as a stud, an additional fee will be due; this is because certified studs are worth much more…



Non-Breeding Girls

We have a number of older girls who we are no longer breeding from. These are ideal as pets, or as a ‘starter herd’ for a new breeder.

The Canterbury Belles  $2500 for 6 alpacas

These six girls are mothers and daughters and were our original starter herd. They’ve been together all their lives, so we will not split them. Five of them can still be used for breeding and have produced us a number of excellent cria.

They are:

Bromfield Park Marluka

White Plains Lucia

Bromfield Park Karlua

White Plains Karla

Bromfield Park Emerald

White Plains Sapphire


Coloured Starter Herd  $2500 for 3 alpacas

These three girls are older but have produced some magnificent cria for us. Again, ideal as pets or as a starter herd. They are all darker colours.

Bromfield Park Jossalyn

Rosala Dusty Rose

Rosala Cleo



First of the Daughters   $1000 each

Some of the first females born into the Chipperfield farm. These young girls are 4-5 years old and are just right for a starter herd.


Chipperfield Karlita

Chipperfield Lindauer

Chipperfield Kiri

Chipperfield Alicia Rose

Chipperfield Sophia



Second of the Daughters   $2000 each

Chipperfield Bonita Mapp

Chipperfield Moonshine


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